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Importance of drawing

In a study using brain waves, it seemed that the brain was more active in drawing than in typing. Learning and exercise are linked.

When I treat children, I also give advice on how to play and spend time according to age and developmental stage in order to promote the construction of a good quality neural network. For young children, I may recommend drawing.

One overseas study compared brain waves when subjects expressed ideas such as an ice cream, a storm, a family, etc. by typing on a personal computer or drawing on a tablet.

The brain waves are similar at the stage of thinking about how to express the subject in words or make a picture, but interestingly at the stage of executing, the range of brain activity was different between typing and drawing. The drawing showed more extensive brain activity, especially the parietal and occipital lobes.

In the present age, when personal computers and tablets have become widespread, I think that many university students use keyboards instead of handwriting to enter lecture notes. However, according to some studies, typing, when compared to writing, seemed to remain shallow.

It has been reported that at the age of 3-5, when they started to learn letters, they were more aware of learning letters by handwriting than by hitting the keyboard.

Any movement is part of learning and is thought to build a more complex neural network that stimulates the brain.

Exercise is important, isn't it? Drawing is a hand movement, but the brain is active in a wide range. It would be great if your child could enjoy drawing as one of their regular activities.





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