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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a manual therapy that originated in the United States in 1985.

It is a therapy that enhances nerve function and brings out natural healing power by adjusting joints mainly by hand without using medicine.

In Greek, cairo means hand and practic means do.

In other words, it is a "manual" procedure therapy. However, there are various types of manual therapy, and if I were to write about the philosophy of what is chiropractic, I wouldn’t have the time.

Encountering Chiropractic

Many chiropractors began to aim to become chiropractors because their families ran chiropractic clinics. Others were athletes or recieved a chiropractor’s care for injuries or maintenance. I did. These are roughly the two patterns.

In my case, I didn’t fit in either pattern. In fact, I had never received chiropractic when I entered the university. It was one of the biggest and most rapid developments in my life.

Originally I was aiming for a medical profession, but I became interested in alternative medicine because of a major illness in my family. Then, when I saw a book introducing alternative medical professions, I was most attracted to chiropractic. I won't write it in detail, but if you are interested, please feel free to ask when you come to the hospital.



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