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Tummy Time-- the first step in helping your baby's head to form well.

A mother who wanted to improve the shape of her child's head asked me how I had decided to focus on the care of babies’ heads. As I talked about it, I remembered the time that I spent in Australia and many memories came that I would like to share.

When I was an intern, I interviewed many adult patients with pain and fatigue and also learned how childhood conditions and injuries affected their health. Some had bad posture early in life, were hurt by a fall, or otherwise injured. There were many conditions which may have led to problems later. I thought that if they had had chiropractic care earlier in their lives, this might have prevented the conditions or made them milder.

So, I went to Australia to learn how to care for small babies and children and studied at a chiropractic clinic that focuses on caring for children. Seeing and working on the care of babies’ head shape was the key to my focusing on this aspect of treatment.

After returning to Japan, I read a lot of papers about how the shape of our heads affects not only aesthetics but also minor health problems and development. During my many years of clinical experience I gained knowledge and grew more sure of my direction in my practice.

I hope that by using Tummy Time you will have an early start on improving the shape of your baby's head. To help, I have put together an easy-to-understand video. Please have a look.





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