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“斜頭症は発達の遅れのハイリスクの指標” (Martiniuk et al. 2017)










♦︎同月齢の子に比べて発達がゆっくり など






♦︎手先が不器用 など



Does the shape of the head affect development?

Final update: June 1, 2020

Recent studies have pointed out a link between head shape and development

Plagiocephaly is a condition in which the back of the head grows asymmetrically and is deformed. Brachycephaly is a condition in which the back of the head grows flat. In infancy, when the skull is growing rapidly, if you always sleep in the same direction, the growth of the skull will become biased.

“Plagiocephaly is a high-risk indicator of developmental delay” (Martiniuk et al. 2017)

A study was conducted to review previous studies on the link between plagiocephaly and development.

It was pointed out that it was more associated with developmental delay in young children under 24 months.

The quality of scientific research depends on the method of research, the method of obtaining statistics, and whether or not the sponsor has an interest. In all five high-quality treatises, delayed motor development was reported to be the most affected.

I have been in charge of many children with plagiocephaly, but in my experience, the following are common.

When infants:

♦ ︎ prefer positioning their heads while breastfeeding only in the same position (such as the posture where the head is on the mother's left arm)

♦ ︎ Turn over only on one side

♦ ︎ Are slower to start crawling than other children

♦ ︎ Have asymmetrical or unique crawling, such as not using one foot or one arm.

♦ ︎ Have slower development than children of the same age

Toddlers to elementary school children whose:

♦ ︎ Hand length, foot length, or shoulder width are different on the left and right

♦ ︎ Faces are not symmetrical

♦ ︎ Posture is poor

♦ ︎ Exercising is not good

♦ ︎Hands are clumsy, etc.

There are individual differences in the magnitude of impact. It also depends on whether developmental disability comes first or plagiocephaly comes first. I will write about that in my next blog.

Head shape and intelligence do not always correlate. Head-shaped distortedness is often not a life-threatening problem. However, it can have implications for long-term health and quality of life.





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